08 October 2014

Leon Dargin......Timeline

This is my timeline for Leon, I have this entered in my FTM 2014 program as Person Notes. It allows me to see where I need to research further, I also have this in an excel spread sheet with sources listed under each event and this helps me see everything at a glance and I can then evaluate the information based on the source. As you can see I have some missing information.

1858 Born 10 Feb to John Hayden Dargin & Elizabeth Vanover, in St Louis, Missouri

1860 US Federal Census

1870 US Federal Census

1880 US Federal Census

1895 8 Jan Married Margaret May Hallenbeck in New York City, New York. His residence was the Imperial Hotel, age 34, born in St Louis, Missouri to John Hayden Dargin & Elizabeth Dix. This was his first marriage. She was 21 born in Albany New York to John James Hallenbeck & Amy Frances Atkens, her residence was 23+ - N-Y6.St New York City, New York, this was her first marriage, also. (They did have her name down as Maggie but lined though it.) Witnesses: Wm C Dargin & (Thomas Cooke?) They were married by Henry Lubeck, Rector of the Church of Zion & St Timothy

1895 20 Mar arrived in New York on the Normannia with Wife Mrs. L Dargin. He is listed as a merchant, she is a wife and they have 5 pieces of luggage each. they boarded in Naples.

1896 29 Feb Daughter, Amy Frances, born in Manhattan, New York, New York
1897 Son, John Hayden, born

1897 New York City Directory - Leon Dargin, 478 B'way, woolens

1900 US Federal Census - Leon Dargin age 40, born Feb 1860 in Mississippi, living at 1838 7th Ave Manhattan, New York City, New York, wife Margaret M, age 26, born June 1873 in New York; Children: Amy F, age 4, born Feb 1896 in New York, John H, age 2, born Sept 1897 in New York; Servant Anne Rogers, age 18, born Mar 1882 in Ireland. His occupation is listen as Commercial Traveler

1910 US Federal Census - Leon Dargin, age 52, born Missouri, living at W116th Manhattan, New York City, New York,  married 5 years, wife Margaret May, age 36, born New York, Children: Amy Frances, age 14, born New York, John Hayden, age 12, born New Jersey & Servant Bessie Bolund age23, born Ireland. His occupation is listed as woolens

1911 New York City Directory - Leon Dargin, 572 Bway h438 W116th, woolens

1912 New York City Directory - Leon Dargin, 572 Bway h15 Claremont Av, woolens

1915 New York City Directory - Leon Dargin,  h15 Claremont Av (Downing, Clark & Co)

1915 New York State Census - Leon Dargin, age 57,  residence, 15 Claremont Av, Manhattan, New York City, New york with his wife Margaret May, age 42 and children Amy-19, Hayden-17,Betty-3 and servant, Nora Gibbons, age 25 of Ireland

1916 New York City Directory - Leon Dargin, h15 Claremont Av (Downing, Clark & Co)

1917 New York City Directory - Leon L Dargin, h15 Claremont Av (Hager Clark & Co)

1920 New York City Directory - Leon Dargin,  h924 W End Av

14 Feb 1920 Died of Pernicious Anemia, which he had for a duration of 2 years. Living at 924 West End Ave, Burough of Manhattan, New York City, New York. He was born 10 Feb 1920 in the US, to John Hayden Dargin & Elizabeth Vanover. He was married to Margaret M Dargin and his occupation was, mercantile, woolens.

1920 16 Feb buried in Woodlawn Cemetery

As I have time I will add links to the actual source documents, some of which I still have on order and some I have saved to my computer.

If you have any information regarding this individual feel free to share.

05 October 2014

Brick Walls.......Leon Dargin

Well it has been a while but I have been very busy working on my genealogy. I have basically started over as I am learning so much on sourcing my information and genealogical research methods. I am currently working on what has been my Brick Wall all along and am trying to use as many of the methods that I have learned about in the book "Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques" by George G Morgan & Drew Smith.

My Brick Wall ancestor (and I usually use that phrase with parenthesis around it as I am not quite yet willing to say that I have exhausted my resources) is Leon Dargin born 1858 died 1920.

I recently watched the ancestry.com webinar: Genealogy Brick Wall Q&A and Crista Cowan suggested that as we research and run into issues or are just trying to identify what it is we are looking for, that we use the following format to identify what it is we need.

What Do I know?
How Do I Know It?
What Do I want to Know?

So here is my Puzzle:

What Do I Know?
Leon Dargin born 10 Feb 1858 in St Louis, MO, married Margaret May Hallenbeck, 8 Jan 1895 in New York City. They had three children Amy Frances b 1896, John Hayden b 1897 & Elizabeth Vanover b 1911. He died 14 Feb 1920 in New York City. His parents are listed on his death certificate as John Hayden Dargin & Elizabeth Vanover, His marriage certificate has mother as Elizabeth Dix. I believe his Mother was Elizabeth Russell Vanover and that she died Feb 1858.
There is some conflicting information on birth year, the marriage Cert & 1900 Census have him born abt 1860/61, and his obituary would have the year as 1857

How Do I know it?
Marriage Certificate
1900 US Census, 1910 US Census, 1915 NY State Census
Death Certificate, Obituary

What do I want to know?

I want to find him in the 1880, 1870, & 1860 census, to help confirm parents. I think I may have found him in 1880 listed as Wm L Dargin in New York City but cannot find any evidence of any other name listed for Leon. I also think I may have him in 1870, living in Birmingham, Al with John Hayden Dargin, Mary Dargin & Henry Dargin.


09 February 2014


I ordered Ancestry's AncestryDNA kit at the last minute with their New Year's Offer of 20% off. I received the test followed directions and sent it off. A couple weeks later and I receive an email saying that they can't use the sample as there wasn't enough DNA, so I they are sending a new one without additional cost. We will see how this one goes, update later.


30 January 2014

Research Log/Journal

My relationship with the Research Log/Journal has been off and on for the most part over the years, until this past year when I discovered the log I am currently using. It's unique format and the fact that I can copy and paste it anywhere helps keep me on track using it. I have a section in my OneNote Genealogy "Binder" dedicated to my research log and I create a page for each days research and copy & paste as many of these logs on that page as I need.

 I found the information regarding this form here:
http://www.fgs.org/upload/FGS_FORUM/V23N4_Winter_2011.pdf on pages 8-12 of this issue of the Federation of Genealogical Societies Forum, the article will give you in depth detail regarding this

 form of Research Log. I copied and pasted the actual form into OneNote from the Total Recall Research Log Blog and then adjusted a little for my usage.

I hope this will inspire you to continue logging your research.

28 January 2014

Source Citation

I have found that in my research knowing how to cite my sources has been one of my biggest challenges. I mention in a previous post that when I began my genealogy research I had no idea about the correct way of documenting my research. Truth be told I really didn’t know what I was doing. In the past year I have learned more about this and have begun to track my research and learn how to cite my sources. This is pretty easy to do when researching from familysearch.org or ancestry.com as they give you the source citation and all you need to do is reference the correct ancestor. While this is definitely helpful you should not rely completely on these citations as is, make sure to check them for all the information you or another researcher would need to find the information again.

Here is a list of sites that I have used to learn more about source citation:
http://www.progenealogists.com/citationelements.htm This will give you the Standards of a Source Citation
http://www.progenealogists.com/commoncitations.htm this website gives great copy & paste format that you can use for most of the research that you do. Make sure you change the pertinent areas to include the correct data.
http://www.progenealogists.com/citationguide.htm this is the guide to the above webpage, use it as a reference point.

To further your learning of source citation the following books and articles are wonderful sources:

Genealogical Standards of Evidence: A Guide for Family Historians

I hope this information helps you with your family research.

26 January 2014

Microsoft OneNote

I thought today I would show you how I have begun to organize my research in OneNote. Nothing will explain better than an actual photo.

I have this set up as a form I can just add as a page without having to duplicate it each time. I have a basic page with an overview of each family members facts and then add sub-pages for censuses, birth, death records. I have also added sub-pages for non direct descendant children. I have a Notebook for each family line and an additional Notebook for Genealogy helps, such as my toolkit of favorite sites and sources.


23 January 2014

Connecting with Family through Genealogy Sites

Recently I have connected with some distant cousins using ancestry.com and findagrave.com. They have helped to answer questions that I have had for a while now. My family lost touch with my great grandfathers side of the family after my great grandmother passed away. My g-grandfather had 15 siblings so this left a large portion of our family we had no contact with. I had for many years or at least since starting genealogical research been wondering if there was a family bible somewhere. One cousin had copies of the relevant pages from two of the family bibles that had been passed down. He doesn't know where the original bibles are but the copies of these pages will still be a big help in finding information and will at least give a clue as to where and what to look for.

This is a great benefit of using these sites, the ability to connect with long lost relatives. Another reason I like this is you can contact another member/potential relative without giving your email or other personal info out, so if you have the wrong person, you don't have to worry about them having your info.


Leon Dargin......Timeline

This is my timeline for Leon, I have this entered in my FTM 2014 program as Person Notes. It allows me to see where I need to research furth...