30 January 2014

Research Log/Journal

My relationship with the Research Log/Journal has been off and on for the most part over the years, until this past year when I discovered the log I am currently using. It's unique format and the fact that I can copy and paste it anywhere helps keep me on track using it. I have a section in my OneNote Genealogy "Binder" dedicated to my research log and I create a page for each days research and copy & paste as many of these logs on that page as I need.

 I found the information regarding this form here:
http://www.fgs.org/upload/FGS_FORUM/V23N4_Winter_2011.pdf on pages 8-12 of this issue of the Federation of Genealogical Societies Forum, the article will give you in depth detail regarding this

 form of Research Log. I copied and pasted the actual form into OneNote from the Total Recall Research Log Blog and then adjusted a little for my usage.

I hope this will inspire you to continue logging your research.

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