23 January 2014

Connecting with Family through Genealogy Sites

Recently I have connected with some distant cousins using ancestry.com and findagrave.com. They have helped to answer questions that I have had for a while now. My family lost touch with my great grandfathers side of the family after my great grandmother passed away. My g-grandfather had 15 siblings so this left a large portion of our family we had no contact with. I had for many years or at least since starting genealogical research been wondering if there was a family bible somewhere. One cousin had copies of the relevant pages from two of the family bibles that had been passed down. He doesn't know where the original bibles are but the copies of these pages will still be a big help in finding information and will at least give a clue as to where and what to look for.

This is a great benefit of using these sites, the ability to connect with long lost relatives. Another reason I like this is you can contact another member/potential relative without giving your email or other personal info out, so if you have the wrong person, you don't have to worry about them having your info.


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