19 January 2014

A Trip to the Family History Library

        This past summer I took a trip to Salt Lake City and while there I had made plans to visit the Family History Library. I felt that I was prepared as possible although I am sure I could have done more prep. I had my laptop with my Genealogy information, My IPhone with ancestry app and my notes for what sources I wanted to look at. While this all helped some in the end I don’t feel that I made any of the progress I was hoping for, my "brick wall" (it is in quotes because I have another couple sources to check they just haven't been in the budget yet) is still there.

        I have an ancestor who seems to have done a bit of a disappearing act around the 1880's. While I may have found a possible source for him in the 1880 New York City census I can't be sure, as the man I have found that has many of the corresponding pieces of info as my ancestor he is going by a name that as of yet I have not run across. I thought the death certificate might help but no such luck. So while at the library I thought I would search to see if they had his marriage certificate and sure enough they did but the information on there is a bit disappointing. The only thing that may help is the witnesses names and I can't quite make them out in full as they are just the signatures.

     As the progress wasn't happening I decided to try a different tack and search for his mother's information mainly regarding her death as she died just days after his birth and I thought this may help with his birth information. Each source I searched for her was missing the year of her death which was a bit frustrating, so I decided to move on.

      I began searching locals in the book department for any mention of family names and ran across a number of articles for the Anderson side of the family. I still need to research them out as they are just submissions to the historical societies (that have published these books) by other descendants of our common ancestors, but I am hoping that some of the information will prove to be helpful in furthering my genealogical journey.


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