09 January 2014


No, this doesn't stand for Global Positioning System, it stands for Genealogical Proof Standard, at least for Genealogy purposes.

I recently finished reading Christine Rose's Book "Genealogical Proof Standard" and my first thought is I wish that I had read this years ago. I didn't even know this book existed, but the information in it and the sample case study will go far in helping me to understand and maybe even find the answers I am searching for in my family tree research. I have a few hard cases that I am just not willing to call brick walls yet but they seem to be heading that way. I have plans to order some documents here soon that I am hoping will get me past these spots and I am going to implement what I have learned in this book to further this research.

My genealogical search is for the most part going back to stage one, I haven't been applying the GPS in the past, I didn't even know it existed, but know that I do, it is back to the beginning. I don't necessarily want to do this but feel in order to have a completed picture and enough information to help others I may connect with as I go along I need to have my facts straight and as corroborated as possible.

 If you haven't read it, find it, read it, your local library may have it or you can purchase it here at Amazon, I purchased it along with the book "The BCG Genealogical Standards Manual" by The Board of Certification of Genealogist. I figure between the two books and with the addition of Elizabeth Shown Mills Books "Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian" & "Evidence Explained" I should have a few good guides in conducting my research. You can purchase Elizabeth Shown Mills Books by following the above links, I purchased "Evidence Explained" in e-book format as it is an expensive book (and was slightly cheaper this way), although now I wish I had it in hard copy.

Do You have any books that you consider must have Genealogy Books/Manuals? Let me know as I am working on putting together my own genealogy library and would love some input from others.


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